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"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you"- Misty Copeland

Every goal I have ever achieved required the support of many others. As adults, especially parents, we get older & get jobs that we hopefully enjoy but the main goal is often to provide for our families & have money to do enjoyable things. Often we get stuck in the monotony of life like a hamster on a wheel..going & going but never really making it too far. The thought of taking risks or doing more than necessary is often cast aside by doubts or lack of motivation. This can be said in regard to many aspects of life..personal even our personal health & well being. Let's face can be exhausting just trying to get by let alone set some hefty goals & actually DO THE WORK necessary to achieve them.

That's where PEOPLE like these women come in, & many on our team not pictured. PEOPLE who support you in your goals, give you tough love when you need it but in the gentlest way, people who SHARE their resources & time to help you, & are there to catch you when you fall. Behind all of us..are our families at home also supporting us in our personal & professional dreams. Imagine trying to go at your BIGGEST goals without support or help? It would certainly make success tougher to achieve! Thankfully, we don't need to worry about that!

This last day & a half was spent sharing, bonding, laughing, celebrating, crying at times ( sad & happy tears) & WORKING on ourselves mentally & physically so that we can show up as our best selves daily AND as the best coaches to the people we work with.

We all do this work to help others but we have goals for ourselves too.. *one is a single mom who wants to be able to purchase her home *a grandma who wants to be able to retire & be with her grandkids as much as possible *a mom who wants to provide financial stability for her family *a wife that wants to take financial burden off her husband *a woman who wants to walk away from a job she doesn't enjoy We all have even MORE goals but you get the picture. We LOVE this work but there are BIG visions being cast. We need each other to make it happen!

Have you ever been curious about coaching? Have you ever wanted to do something to help others that also brings you support and accountability with your own health & fitness? Let's chat about this opportunity!

And do not for ONE second CANNOT do this...but you can and you can do it the WAY you want to do it, with FREE training, incredible support, shared resources, and tandem work with other coaches to maximize your time and provide your clients with AMAZING support and services!! DM or drop an comment below if this sounds like something you want to know more about!

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