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Do what makes you FEEL good in the moment...AND in the long TERM!!!

We all deserve to feel good..but we don't always do the THINGS that make us feel that way.

I am fresh out of the salon chair & I feel freakin amazing. My grays are gone, my hair smells nice & it's curled..something I never do on my own. Can we all agree that we feel better when we get our hair done?

But that's not the only reason I'm feeling good. For the last 3 weeks I dialed into my meal plan after straying hard in December..I also started a new 9 week fitness program & today..I got right up & finished the last workout of phase 1..that means 3 successful weeks of workouts & meal plan. Phase 2 tomorrow & I am excited about it!

Tomorrow the curls & nice smelling hair will be gone but the feeling of pride of what I have accomplished this month will not be..neither will the other signs of progress that have been popping up..more toned looking arms..abs..legs..looser fitting clothes..hydrated healthy skin..sleeping well at night, good energy during the day, & overall feeling of wellness.

We can easily go through our days putting effort, time & money into many things that make us feel good immediately..make spa..etc..but it's the things that take more time & effort that truly will make the biggest impact.

If you have health & fitness goals, stop selling yourself short by avoiding doing the work, not investing the money, or continuing to put it off. A nice hair do, lashes, lipstick & new outfit can can make you feel good but that is temporary. Why not DO THE THINGS that will help you feel good everyday all day?

If you need some help in this area of life, I am here to support you! I have a FREE 4 day healthy habits group starting tomorrow & my other fitness & wellness virtual fitclubs available for enrollment! I struggled with DOING the things consistently myself for years until I took the time to learn & also put supports & accountability in place for myself & now I help others do the same! Having great programs & nutritional plans is key and I can help!

Now that my hair is's time to hit the grocery store so I can prepare for a WEEK of doing the things that also help me feel good!! Food is FUEL not only for every day, but especially for us to be as active was we want to be and my workouts are my therapy so having the energy to do that work, is so important to me!! Off I go to Trader Joe's!

Be well, xoxoxo....Janelle

PS. I am all FOR the hair, make up & clothes too..BUT let's not forget about the most important part of feeling & looking good...its starts with your mind & body. If you aren't taking care of those ..slapping on the hottest pair of boots of the season is only gonna take you so far!

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