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Hello and welcome to my fitness and wellness page!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

My name is Janelle and I am so happy you have found my site!

I created this page as a space to share information, thoughts, and anything I feel like that is related to my love and passion for fitness and health!! As a fitness and health coach, I work to HELP people reach their goals! This is done through a combination of nutrition and fitness coaching one on one and in a virtual fitness community that provides accountability, and a positive supportive space.

A little about me....I am a mom of 3 amazing kids, 2 boys ages 8 and 11, and one girl age 3. I live in upstate NY with my husband who I first met in 1st grade! We have known each other a LONG time, been married for 13 years! We live on a country plot of land in the home we built ourselves with family members and there are never ending projects and homestead chores going on over here!! Our current one is something that excites me A own home gym space!! Currently I have a little area of our unfinished basement with some free weights and equipment but soon, I will have an actual finished room!!! I cannot wait for it to be completed so that I can truly make it my own and use that space to continue to feed my body and mind via movement and of course, share that with YOU!

I developed a passion for health and fitness over a decade ago when I started working as a group fitness instructor. At the time, I was also a full time school counselor and newlywed. I am about the cheapest person to have ever lived so when I was recruited to become a fitness instructor by an employee at the gym where I worked out..told I would get a FREE membership..and get paid to teach classes..I jumped at it! I was first certified through Les Mills to teach Body Attack, a high intensity cardio class that I LOVE so much! I later became group fitness certified which allowed me to teach a variety of classes. I was a cheerleader and college dancer so I absolutely love incorporating dance into my classes when I can but also strive to provide balance with strength training and other types of exercise styles. Balance and variety in fitness is important to me and helps keep things interesting while also avoiding plateaus in progress! In 2016, I found myself struggling to still lost the last few pounds of my pregnancy weight from my second child...he was 4 and it was hanging on! I was working out like crazy at the gym and getting very frustrated! A fitness instructor friend had started doing some workouts at home and had changed her lifestyle by adding in a simple nutrition plan. She was having amazing success and I had to reach out and ask her what she was up to!! I decided I wanted to give it a try! Within ONE month...I lost the last few pounds that were hanging on AND I started to SEE and FEEL changes I never imagined were possible!! I had FOUND my PLAN, and it changed my life! I wanted to share it with others and that is how I became a coach!!

When the COVID 19 pandemic closed gyms in March of 2020, my part time job as a fitness instructor was quickly removed from my life. The pandemic itself caused me to experience a level of anxiety I had never experienced before. I knew I needed to turn to focus my energy on the things that made me feel good and kept me positive and that was my health, fitness, and coaching others. Coaching others to help them feel good improve their health brings me so much JOY, and it also helps me stay accountable with my own health. In June, I lost my professional career role as a school counselor due to the financial implications of the pandemic on the school district where I was working. Coaching once again became a saving grace for me. The supportive community of coaches and trainers, in combination with the virtual communities that I created for those I work with, kept me positive and focused.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and EXCITED to continue this journey helping as many people as I can along the way! Thank you for reading a little bit about my story!!!

You will find more about me in my BLOG !

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