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NO ONE has their shit together ALL the time...

NO ONE HAS THEIR SHIT together ALL the matter how pretty their house looks, or their selfies ..shit hits the FAN for all of us..& it sucks that often we are too AFRAID to admit it & be real about it! So in honor of all the people who's shit is not together today in one way or another..this is for YOU! The pics on the left and right were taken within seconds of each other. On the left it looks like I am calm as a cucumber having some tea, all snuggled up in my winter gear, enjoying my holiday decor in my cozy & peaceful. Reality cup is empty because the tea I made got spilled by a child running like a banchee through the house..the hat is on because underneath, my hair is looking hella crazy..& most of the decorations in my house are still in there's that & then.. Seconds later, I remove the hat because now I'm sweating to death as my blood starts to boil from the MESS that is my great room after a day of remote school, what looks like a paper shredding competition for no reason took place..AND I found a casualty in the mess! Poor Goofy was decapitated somehow today! LIKE WHAT THE HECK? So let me tell you a little secret of mine.. In the very wise words of Elsa from Frozen.."LET IT GO!" Breathe in, let it go. None of IT is worth you fretting over, getting anxious or stressed about. What IS a great way to DEAL with the something for YOU that will make you happy! For ME, THAT THING is exercise. It lifts mood immediately and energizes me! The programs I do at home make it easy to drop everything, go sweat for 30 mins, and return the to the regularly scheduled shit show again later...but feeling better, happier, and more able to take on the crazy. It is SCIENCE...exercise releases that happy hormones and next time you are feeling stressed, or upset...try to move your body!

In my work as a fitness instructor, counselor, and coach...I talk to so many parents who tell me they just don't have TIME to exercise because their lives revolve around their kids and everything is so busy. Guess what? My life revolves around my kids too...and it is also super busy...which is WHY I had to make a SHIFT in my life and incorporate at home exercise that is quick and effective in order to preserve my goals of living a healthy life. The mental benefits of exercise of course only HELP me to be a better parent as well.

ving kids is not a reason not to care for IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT REASONS TO do it so we can handle the CRAZY that comes with the cutest most precious gifts in this world! So the message here...YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR SHIT TOGETHER to take care of yourself....ALSO being BUSY...or a not a one way ticket to unhealthy living...there are options and I truly believe....everyone single person has the ability to change if they really want to. I was helped to realize all of this...years working with a coach...and a team of like minded people. Surrounding myself with people that wanted to improve...versus people who wanted to complain and stay stuck in a rut...made a HUGE difference in my ability to make progress mentally, and physically. I see myself as a forever work in current goal weight is just a number that I know I will see as long as I keep doing the things and staying consistent...but I do not obsess or perseverate on that number because ultimately, I know I am healthy and strong...still each and every day I do things that make me feel well, keep my body strong and healthy, and I know the scale is only one measure and not something to stress over. It is however, one of many useful tools to provide information to guide my decisions and behaviors. I help people realize all the tools available to do this though AND we take it one step at a time.

DO NOT ever compare yourself to anyone else because YOU are wonderfully unique, worthy & perfect just as YOU are! Exercise, nutrition, self care, & rest are ALL the ingredients to help make YOU FEEL GOOD inside & out which YOU 100% deserve. Be well, Janelle xoxox PS. Babysitter needed for 3 adorable kids that totally pick up after each other all the time, do not scream like lunatics, & don't jump on the furniture EVERRRRR(LOLOLOL)

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